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P.S. I feel you.

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If today has been rough for you - for whatever reason, no matter what you’re going through, just know people care about you. I appreciate you, I adore you, and I know you’ve got huge things ahead of you in life.



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	With friends like these, who needs friends?! View high resolution

With friends like these, who needs friends?!

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YouTubers at Cannes   

Apparently, even Cannes are branching out to feature YouTube creators like Rhett and Link and JacksGap. This is where film and the Internet decided to date for a while and each found it weirdly awesome. 

Can’t wait to see/hear what the high profile Cannes people think of this.

MyDamnChannel Rebrands to Omnivision Entertainment

Looks like things have changed since Grace left MyDamnChannel!

I do agree though that web companies can’t really be limited to web forever. They need brand deals, bigger platforms, better talents… They have needs. I just wish Grace was there when they started making shows for TV. Grace would’ve made it through and would have had her own show… But then again, that doesn’t mean she’d be more successful than she is now. 

She’s happy, MyDamnChannel/Omnivision seems happy… That’s that, right?

You were completely wrong with the Jack and Ella assumption. They are still together. You've missed loads of points

Well that’s exactly why it’s an “assumption”… It’s a supposition, said without real acceptable proof… because well, I don’t know how they feel about each other… No one really does.

But I’d love to hear what I missed! Please do send them in Anon! Thank you!

One day when I get to see Finn Harries live in the flesh…
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Ladies and gentlemen, the wickedly talented Adele Nazeem (A.K.A. Grace Helbig)

Charly Cox on YouTube and Growing Up Online

"One thing you can praise YouTube for is its abundant community, the union of viewers and creators from more countries around the world you could confidently pick out on a map.
It’s a revolutionary social platform that allows likeminded people to come together and comment or discuss their favourite video, or collaborate with other users on their content.
In its humble beginnings this was fantastic, where would my lovely friend Jack be if he’d not joined forces with Bertie Gilbert one afternoon? It was never a competition, people used each other as polite stepping stones in hope that their filmmaking skills would progress.
Just like school, in comes the hierarchy.
Fans have now been divided into the avid follower and the super-fanatic, YouTube creators cast into cliques.
Collaborations taking place simply in the hope of more views and subscribers with total disregard to the actual physical content they’re making.
Don’t even get me started on the total monstrosity that is this newfound idea that talking about One Direction and covering your face in household/kitchen products is apparently creative, exciting and inspiring visual content for your audience?” - Charly Cox

Wickedly haunting, honest and realistic. Charly Cox has shown light to one of the biggest questions for all YouTubers and all YouTube fangirls (and fanboys). 

Why are YOU watching/creating stuff on YouTube?



I find it ridiculous that people like Shane Dawson, Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig, and a lot of other great youtubers had to wait 4-7 years to get a good amount of subscribers, while people who make stupid six second videos become famous overnight.


I feel you… On the other hand, Good for them too! (If they make good content.)

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