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Guys, I have new OTP. What’s this OTP called anyway? Willosey? Willoser? Alexill? Alexiloser? TELL MEEE… *whispers* I’m sorry Grace and Hannah… View high resolution

Guys, I have new OTP. What’s this OTP called anyway? Willosey? Willoser? Alexill? Alexiloser? TELL MEEE… *whispers* I’m sorry Grace and Hannah…


Thoughts on the JacksGap hiatus and the overflowing hate comments on this (Rickshaw Run 4) video: (I’ll try not sound like a superfan here and try to talk some sense.)

1. YouTube is a FREE platform.

2. YouTubers earn from YouTube through ad shares which they have NO control on except for the “monetize” option they get to “put a check on” or “enable” on their profiles. In terms of what kind of ads they get to show on their videos or who advertises through their videos, they have no creative control of this except for when it is a “sponsored video”.

3. YouTube is a FREE platform.

4. As audiences, our power lies on our comments and subscriptions. We are empowered to like and share videos as well as subscribe to channels and these actions are based on FREEWILL. This means we can always unsubscribe to channels if we don’t like their content anymore FREELY.

7. YouTube is a FREE platform.

8. Though YouTube and Google in general relies on consistency and quantity of posts, THE INTERNET in general, relies on quality to measure influence. The reason JacksGap is considered an influential social media entity is because they have quality content, quality fanbase (or do they?), and quality analytics. Believe me when I say that they don’t just upload stuff on YouTube. They ANALYZE and STUDY way more than you can ever imagine.

9.YouTube is a FREE platform.

10. Jack and Finn Harries are considered “YouTube Creators” for a reason. They “create” things that are original, from scratch, and LEGAL. They don’t just make videos out of pirated music or “tag” questions (though there is nothing wrong with that). 

11. YouTube is a FREE platform.

12. YES. Jack and Finn take FOREVER to edit. They take forever to upload and yes, it is kind of unfair that they never really give us a concrete update other than: “There will be a new video SOON” and “We’re doing something big for you guys” and stuff like this. It is unfair for fans who want nothing more but to see their faces on a normal basis. However, let us remember that the reason Jack started JacksGap was because he wanted to put his creative juices in an online space where a COMMUNITY of people with minds and eyes can see it. He didn’t do it because of money, or fame (he already had those). He just wanted to pass time and be creative.

13. YouTube is a FREE platform.

14. There is a massive, massive difference between “doing something and getting it done” and "doing something you’re proud of and making sure it is done the best way it could possibly be done."

15. YouTube is a FREE platform. This means that the content we’re getting from JacksGap and all other YouTube channels in existence are considered FREE ENTERTAINMENT. What you’re getting is for FREE. So go ahead and rant all you want, people of the Internet, but do realize that while your “SUPPORT” granted these YouTubers “fame”, you didn’t PAY FOR THEM and THEIR CONTENT which helped them make the money they used to improving their content and the opportunities that they needed to take to spread the love all over the world.

So yeah, rant all you want guys. 

Remember: Professional fangirls will never falter from supporting their fandoms no matter what. YES, fandoms are weird and—more often than not—nonsensical, but that’s what makes it special. Treasure this haitus, Gappers. This is making us more SOLID and TRUE as ever.

If you’ve been wondering what Jack’s been doing these days, he’s busy being awesome.

If you’ve been wondering what Jack’s been doing these days, he’s busy being awesome.



If today has been rough for you - for whatever reason, no matter what you’re going through, just know people care about you. I appreciate you, I adore you, and I know you’ve got huge things ahead of you in life.



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	With friends like these, who needs friends?! View high resolution

With friends like these, who needs friends?!

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YouTubers at Cannes   

Apparently, even Cannes are branching out to feature YouTube creators like Rhett and Link and JacksGap. This is where film and the Internet decided to date for a while and each found it weirdly awesome. 

Can’t wait to see/hear what the high profile Cannes people think of this.

MyDamnChannel Rebrands to Omnivision Entertainment

Looks like things have changed since Grace left MyDamnChannel!

I do agree though that web companies can’t really be limited to web forever. They need brand deals, bigger platforms, better talents… They have needs. I just wish Grace was there when they started making shows for TV. Grace would’ve made it through and would have had her own show… But then again, that doesn’t mean she’d be more successful than she is now. 

She’s happy, MyDamnChannel/Omnivision seems happy… That’s that, right?

You were completely wrong with the Jack and Ella assumption. They are still together. You've missed loads of points

Well that’s exactly why it’s an “assumption”… It’s a supposition, said without real acceptable proof… because well, I don’t know how they feel about each other… No one really does.

But I’d love to hear what I missed! Please do send them in Anon! Thank you!

One day when I get to see Finn Harries live in the flesh…
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