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P.S. I feel you.

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Grace Helbig’s Audio-Video Podcast ‘Not Too Deep’ Debuts At #1 On iTunes


Grace Helbig being awesome. Congratulations Gracie! *virtual-unemotional-not-too-deep-hug*

We love you Grace! Congratulations!


Last Sunday, Orland Square Mall in Chicago my little sister and I went to an IM5 concert. We missed our VIP ticked to take a selfie with them so I asked someone who works with IM5 to see if we could still get a picture with them, well it turns out we got a lot more than just that. When we got there we were greeted with hugs and happy faces. The boys sang to my shy little sister and she refused to move, so Gabe made my sister pinky promise to dance with them when he pulled her on stage during touchdown dance. During the song they would wave to her discretely, wink at her and touch her hands. The boys kept signaling to Gabe to go pull Bela toward the end of the show. She told me there was a moment in her mind where she wasn’t going to dance because she was shy but she thought it would be really bad for the boys show if she didn’t xD I’ve never seen her so comfortable before she’s normally so shy. After the show we took a free last picture with them and they saw Bela and told her she rocked the show. As we drove home she was talking about it over and over again, repeating “best day ever”.

Awww too cute! Good job with your professional fangirling expereince!



I posted the felt friend post earlier today and here is an update.

I passed out the felt friends at today’s meet and greet and one of the boys (I couldn’t remember which one) said it was like Rebecca. I vehemently denied this. These aren’t voodoo dolls: they’re cuties! David asked if he was…

Oh Honey, you are the cutest! Thumbs up for the effort of sewing tiny Im5s! Not at all Rebecca-ish Haha!


And this is why I looooooove Grace’s fans. #GoHelbitches!

I approve this message!